Who We Are:


Bazan Express is is new e-commerce website in the industry. Now people all around the country have come to recognize the name, associate themselves with valued customer experiences, and trust the value that the brand represents.

Bazan Express is a homegrown marketplace which operates on an Omni-channel approach: apart from the online medium, the company has brick-and-mortar retail experience centers in Pakistan. The idea behind this approach is to provide maximum visibility, drive reliance & offer par excellence customer service to our existing, as well as potential, customer base.

Company Mission

Reimagining Lifestyles

Our Vision

To be our customer’s encyclopedia of products offered at the lowest prices, and to transform our seller’s way of doing business


Core Values


  • Customer compassion: Our customers lie at the core of all decision-making processes at bazanexpress. We strongly believe in creating a happy shopping and shipping experience for our customers. We place immense value in understanding each our customers needs, providing assistance in overcoming online shopping challenges for each individual customer, and hence building long term customers relationship


  • Sustainability: Our business processes are optimum, our teams lean, and our initiatives economically friendly. These values built into the DNA of all bazanexpress employees directly translates into the overall business sustainability.


  • Ownership: Promoting and reinforcing a culture of ownership results in the achievement of our end business goals. With ownership comes integrity, and with integrity trust and reliability is established. This is the reason why we hire people who bring these values to the bazanexpress habitat


  • Continuous evolvement: Our employees are trained for adapting to the changing environment and taking responsive measures to stay relevant to the industry trends nationwide. We stand for taking unprecedented initiatives which are well thought out from the perspective of riskiness and reward.


  • Environmental, social and economic focus: As a company, we are aware of the responsibility towards maintaining a greener environment and make continuous efforts for contributing to the ecological well-being. Our business initiatives and processes are optimized with a clear picture of the social achievement and economic outcome